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Friday, November 7, 2014

Toyota's airbag supplier accused of coverup starting in 2004

Update 2/9/2015 - As a former Takata engineer blows the whistle, this corporate-controlled government is trying to keep the truth quiet.

Update 11/7/2014 - Just in: "Feds suspect Takata errors date back to 1998." Watch auto-industry-lapdog NHTSA - caught red-handed in GM's ignition-switch scandal - squirm. USA today sums it up well: "The airbag problem has taken on a grim likeness to GM's faulty ignition switches, spotted within the company in 2001 but not recalled until early this year. The switches can fail and disable airbags. They are linked to 30 deaths."  

Coverup King Toyota has apparently been doing business with a like-minded airbag supplier. As the scandal widens over those shrapnel-slingin' airbags from Takata, two former employees have now come forward to say Takata knew about the problem in 2004, conducted secretive tests, and then covered everything up.

I thought it was kinda strange when Toyota rushed to defend Takata. Both corporations - Toyota now an admitted crook - have a way of producing defective products that kill, federal investigations, and whistleblowers. Of course, the federal "investigations" never amount to anything more than some grand theatrics, underscored by a curt "No comment" if anyone dares to confront the power structure. How much longer tail-tucked Americans are gonna tolerate a corporate-controlled government that panders to murderous thugs in the auto industry is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety estimates that there are up to 25 million vehicles in the US that have shrapnel-slingin' airbags. Back in June, Ditlow issued a statement targeting NHTSA's cozy relationship with parts-supplier Takata.

Pleasant dreams.