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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Driver blames Prius' brakes, won't be charged in horrific crash

Someone e-mailed me an update on this crash, their remarks offer insight into what's going on:

Believe Toyota (and the rental and insurance companies) did not want a public trial shining light on the embedded software, especially within the braking system which was acknowledged to have issues in earlier model Prius vehicles. (obviously, it still is not reliable - and where is NHTSA?) 

And of course the public is still kept in the dark concerning the real issues involved. No statement made as to WHY the driver was not charged, except some public fluff.

L.A. police KNOW (but will not publicly acknowledge) what the real cause was. The Prius itself.

Had an example from some years ago (sadly lost when my first computer died), where a Toyota or Lexus driver had a Sudden Unintended Acceleration event while parking in front of a small store in the L.A. area; and the vehicle went partially through the front window.

When the L.A. police showed up and the driver explained what had happened, their response was essentially (using almost the exact same words) "we know"... At least in L.A., THEY KNOW (wish I could find it again).

Trolls and the (less than knowledgeable) public will have a field day complaining online as to WHY a driver was allowed to hit and seriously injure school girls, yet not be charged.

Notice, even in this article, the complete lack of information on the current condition of those injured.

This driver was lucky not to be charged. Drivers in similar situations have not been so fortunate.