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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Appeals court finally rules: Bitter Toyota must accept jury's verdict re Koua Fong Lee

Talk about a filthy-rich corporate slob making people's lives miserable. Look no further than admitted-crook Toyota's long-drawn-out battle to have the will of the people thrown out in the tragic case of Koua Fong Lee, the unjustly jailed Toyota driver who spent years in prison until the facts finally came out about Toyota's shoddy products.

It's important to realize that Koua was at a disadvantage throughout the trial.

Yesterday - almost two and a half years after Toyota appealed the jury's verdict - the appeals court ruled unanimously against Toyota, ending yet another inexcusable nightmare for survivors of the horrific crash. A grateful Koua said he wants everyone to know that he was pressing the brakes, not the accelerator.

Toyota has no feelings for their customers or the public, and the dishonest slob loses almost all the time when there's a showdown in court. Of course, Toyota knows this and has become notorious for arranging confidential, out-of-court settlements in an effort to keep their mischief quiet and avoid punitive damage awards when juries are given a close look at the way Toyota does business.

Toyota's bitterness has come through loud and clear ever since the admitted crook lost this case in February of 2015. Meanwhile, much to his credit, Koua has quite admirably gone on with his life.

Wonder whose life Toyota will seek to ruin next.

9/22/2017 update: Bitter Slob Toyota is now asking the appeals court to reconsider its ruling. 

6/16/2017 update: Here a link to a great article from Consumer Affairs.