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Engine failures in MR2 Spyders

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Did your MR2 Spyder engine disintegrate? Contact Jenn Strathman at WPTV

Update 3/31/2018 - Jenn and her station refused to expose engine failures in MR2 Spyders. I wonder if someone at WPTV got stung with Toyota's melting dashboards, thereby prompting their exposure of that issue.

With honest coverage of the issue by mainstream media, there may be hope yet for folks who were victimized by Toyota regarding the manufacturing defect in MR2 Spyders. Jenn Strathman and WPTV have demonstrated a concern for consumers with their recent exposure of Toyota's stonewalling response to melting dashboards.

Coverup King Toyota has now agreed to make amends for the dashboards, and a similar result might be obtained if enough folks contacted Jenn about engines disintegrating in MR2 Spyders. Let's give it a try:


Friday, December 19, 2014

Crooked Toyota yields to public exposure on melting dashboards

First, I want to pass along one heartfelt thanks to Jenn Strathman and WPTV for their sincere and persistent efforts at exposing the facts about Coverup King Toyota's problems with melting dashboards. Wow, what an amazing performance in a day and age - as I've addressed many times in this blog - when mainstream media almost always cowers down to crooks like Toyota, and, in essence, joins forces with deceitful corporations as they toss out every dirty trick in the book to bully consumers. Moreover, Jenn's tireless efforts - her first report aired back in April - have underscored the reason crooked corporations - backed by this paid-off government - are so intent on controlling news media.

As consumers have done on a vast variety of other issues - epitomized, incidentally, by all those engine failures in MR2 Spyders - folks yelled and screamed about an obvious manufacturing defect that caused Toyota's dashboards to melt into a gooey, sticky mess, the reflection from which presented an equally obvious safety hazard. And just as Coverup King Toyota and its partner-in-crime NHTSA have done on an endless list of similar situations, the response - actually, the lack thereof - was one of stonewalling, denial, and deceit as the gang attempted to fleece consumers and shut the melting dashboard issue up.

But this time it was different.

An honest mainstream news-media operation with a sincere and competent investigative reporter entered the picture, dared to contact Toyota directly, and broadcast the facts. And lo and behold, the free press, much to Toyota's chagrin, finally got the kind of results consumers are entitled to. It's a profound delight to see a slob like Toyota taken to task by a handful of their irate customers and a bit of good, old-fashioned investigative reporting. The kind of reporting that brings down corruption and frees consumers from having to depend on time-consuming, emotionally-draining, and incredibly expensive lawsuits in an effort to obtain a shred of fundamental fairness. Isn't it amazing how a bit of honest, mainstream-media intervention levels up the playing field? Once again - I can't say it forcefully enough - thanks, Jenn. As I blogged in response to that Oklahoma jury's guilty verdict in Toyota's landmark electronically-induced unintended acceleration case: thank you, thank you, thank you. Visit Jenn's Facebook page. Read the many comments from those who had been victimized for years by Toyota's melting-dashboard scam. Bless you, Jenn. Bless WPTV.  

Coverup King and admitted-crook Toyota has now agreed to do what the corporate slob should have done in the first place, without any stonewalling blabber about the dashboard warranties running out. YES. Toyota will now recall millions of vehicles to correct the problem, and reimburse customers who paid to have dashboards replaced.

Nonetheless, look at the lying, deceitful "spin" bully-boy Toyota is putting on the matter. Admitted-crook Toyota has the unmitigated gall to say "We are committed to closely listening to out customers to ensure owner satisfaction." Right. Except in the case of all those engine defects in MR2 Spyders. Except in the case of ongoing unintended acceleration disasters. Except in the case of continuing complaints of oil-sludged engines. Except in the case of... Really, folks. Does Toyota and its government cohorts take people for fools? Is the government-propped-up gang so repulsively self-assured that their unconscionable - and often murderous - abuse of consumers will go on forever? Are they really?

It's time we had a little bit of honesty and bravery in this country. The kind of sincerity and courage exemplified by Jenn Strathman and WPTV. One final time, at least for this post:


Update, 12/19/2014 - Check out photos of the melting dashboards

Update 12/20/2014 - Toyota says replacement parts won't be available until May of 2015, and it looks like the defective dashboards may also involve potential interference with airbags. So ya gotta wonder if Toyota's parts supplier Takata - now implicated in deaths and injuries associated with shrapnel-slingin', exploding airbags - is involved in the lengthy delay. Just add this to tons of evidence confirming that NHTSA - the so-called safety agency has refused to address the melting dashboards - is a corporate-controlled stooge for the auto industry.