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Friday, March 18, 2016

Thanks for visiting - been takin' a break. Sort of...

Update 4/28/2017 - Full throttle, unintended acceleration has now been officially linked to a software defect, no room for doubt. Here's more. So we now know that a faulty DOOR can cause a vehicle to speed out of control whether in drive or park, and the problem hasn't occurred in older models. AMAZING what's revealed when auto-industry-lapdog NHTSA is removed from investigating instances of unintended acceleration. This comes at a time when motorists may FINALLY be catching on to the scam of "driver error," evidenced in this lawsuit against Tesla. 

5/4/2017 - As a corrupt, corporate-controlled government turns its back on the public, this just in: Multiple fatalities and injuries re the well-documented, ongoing problem with unintended acceleration in Jeeps. Here's a link to another article. And another with video.

"If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one." - Robert LeFevre 

Americans are literally under siege by a tyrannical government - Repukes n Demagogues alike - in cahoots with crooked corporations.

I got into it with AT&T after getting fed up with robocalls, and May 13, 2015 ushered in an absence of home phone and Internet. This prompted a resumption of using my bicycle instead of my car for shopping, etc. Bicycling to buy groceries, etc. started in June of 2013, prompted by an extended dispute with State Farm which left me temporarily without a car. The purposeful rides - I'd always been suckered into using my bicycle as nothing more than an recreational toy - turned out to be more fun than the ol' proverbial barrel of monkeys, and my trips now include visits to a pay phone, and a computer at the library. Ah, the unadulterated pleasure of sockin' it to the telephone, oil, automotive, and insurance industries while simultaneously savin' money, havin' fun, and enjoyin' great exercise.

I love my new routine, but it sure has taken a great deal of getting used to. And wunna the places I cut back on wuz exposin' all those never-ending issues with Toyota. Not that there haven't been any. As always, there have been more than I ever had time to blog about, even when I had Internet access at my home.

When my Toyota blogging was interrupted, I got word from one of my sources that there had been yet another Ruginis-type story, and as usual NHTSA refused to acknowledge evidence of electronically-induced unintended acceleration. Crashes raising questions of software defects have continued without pause, and the barrage of stories had come to be downright monotonous. A Toyota speeds out of control, mainstream media intentionally misleads the public, trolls attack anyone who dares to criticize Toyota, comments are unfairly moderated in favor of Toyota, and NHTSA looks the other way. Or perhaps it's another defective safety product, such as Toyota's latest seat-belt fiasco involving the RAV4, RAV4 EV, and Vanguard SUV, again evidencing a so-called regulatory agency that protects the often blood-spattered interests of crooked, money-grubbing corporations. These points have been made over and over again throughout this blog.

Nonetheless, I'll take this opportunity to highlight two more examples.

The first involves a Lexus that sped out of control, resulting in catastrophic injuries, and an ongoing, many-years-long effort of suing Toyota. This case is unique in that it is headed for a courtroom showdown, and the driver's attorney has posted a summary of Azar Hadi's case.

The second involves last month's horrific injuries resulting from another Lexus crash, the circumstances of which are eerily similar to the landmark case - Bookout v. Toyota in Oklahoma - which exposed Toyota's defective software and put the now-admitted-crook in settlement mode for the majority of crashes suggesting electronically-induced unintended acceleration.

Folks, it ain't really the government. It ain't even murderous, crooked corporations like Toyota, GM, Takata, etc. ad nauseum. The problem is a brain-dead, tail-tucked public that tolerates a repulsive little oligarchy run by filthy-rich slobs who kick consumers around with impunity.

Update 3/18/2016 - For quite some time, none of my blog posts will display properly on Facebook, and this is far from the first time I've had issues with the Zuckerberg gang.

Update 3/21/2016 - I quit voting long ago, and I don't wanna stray too far off topic, but former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts addresses the abysmal state of the American public, asking "Are Americans too insouciant to survive?"

Update 3/23/2016 - The inescapable conclusion that software defects are causing vehicles to speed out of control has become so obvious - and frequent - EVEN THE POLICE have started asking NHTSA to investigate, forcing mainstream media to expose a few "uncomfortable truths" about the issue. Of course - as Toyota whistleblower Betsy Benjamin notes in her blog post - the police will be waiting "A VERY LONG TIME..." for NHTSA to admit the truth.    

Update 3/24/2016 - Yesterday, the exceptionally well-credentialed electronic engineer Dr. Antony Anderson published a case study exposing NHTSA's unjustified denial of a request to investigate an episode of unintended acceleration.

Update 3/29/2016 - A crash in my necka the woods - W. Columbia, SC - was met with typical mainstream media secrecy by local "News Leader" WIS-TV. No info re make, model, etc., and the station says their "corporate office company wide" dictated removal of a comment section. After a firestorm of complaints erupted on Twitter, WIS updated their story, revealing that the vehicle was a Jeep and that the driver told first-responders that he didn't know what happened. Considering Jeep's notoriety for unintended acceleration events, nobody can be blamed for questioning the allegation that this crash resulted from an "apparent seizure." WIS-TV should give the public details about how this was determined, but don't count on it. South Carolina's "News Leader" still declines to reveal the vehicle model.

Updates 4/8/2016 - I'm now exposing the probate racket in South Carolina, and lemme just emphasize that the main point of this post isn't my various activities. Point is, the entire country is pervasively corrupt.

The lawsuits against Toyota just keep coming - here's a well-written summary of one of this year's cases.

Update 5/25/2016 - This article from late last year shows the frequency of unintended acceleration events suggesting defective vehicles. And... it is becoming more common for the police to ask for NHTSA's help due to suspicions of defects causing unintended acceleration events. Too bad NHTSA (No Help To Solve Anything) is owned by the auto industry.

Update 8/30/2016 - Toyota has delayed Azar Hadi's court date from this October until January 2016. And 

Update 10/23/2016 - I've published a separate post about Azar Hadi's case.

Update 11/20/2016 - Still as pleased as ever with my "new" routine, which I've now been enjoying for more than a year and a half. Shopping, running errands, etc. on my bicycle is probably the most fun I've ever had in my life - been using my bicycle instead of my car about 95% of the time.