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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Driver of runaway Lexus is Toyota's worst nightmare

Update 5/2/2017 - Full throttle, unintended acceleration has now been officially linked to a software defect, no room for doubt. Here's more. So we now know that a faulty DOOR can cause a vehicle to speed out of control whether in drive or park, and the problem hasn't occurred in older models. AMAZING what's revealed when auto-industry-lapdog NHTSA is removed from investigating instances of unintended acceleration. This comes at a time when motorists may FINALLY be catching on to the scam of "driver error," evidenced in this lawsuit against Tesla.

5/4/2017 - As a corrupt, corporate-controlled government turns its back on the public, this just in: Multiple fatalities and injuries re the well-documented, ongoing problem with unintended acceleration in Jeeps. Here's a link to another article. And another with video.

"America is lost  The total corruption of every public and private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies." - Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, from his 7/3/2016 article, "America Destroyed."

Toyota is such a bully. Such a cheat. Such a liar. Real shame that Americans have come to accept that kinda behavior from corporations.

Azar Hadi is one of the rare exceptions to that rule.

Her Lexus - Toyota's "Flagship" model that first got the sudden unintended acceleration issue headlined in the now notorious Saylor case - sped out of control, crashed, and left Azar with catastrophic injuries. I'll never forget her terrifying account - which she posted on Facebook - of what she encountered:

"As I was coming up to the red light at the intersection, my car suddenly lurched forward. I had to veer to the right to avoid hitting the other cars in front of me that were stopped at the light. I went up over the curb and through the grass and landscaping, terrified about possibly hitting a pedestrian on the sidewalk. I then continued onto the street again with a very high speed and I felt my car went over a median going airborne before crashing into an SUV." 

Azar has now had many surgeries and faces many more. But unlike most of Toyota's other victims, Azar has responded based on principle. Instead of buckling under enormous pressure and accepting an out-of-court settlement with a confidentiality agreement designed to protect Toyota, she's determined to have her case decided in court to publicly expose the facts about Toyota's lousy products. Given the potential for headline-grabbin' publicity, a courtroom showdown is the absolute last thing Toyota wants, especially with yet another case involving sudden unintended acceleration in their "Flagship" Lexus. Azar's trial was originally scheduled to start in October of this year, but when Toyota realized Azar wasn't bluffing about taking 'em to court, they recently got the date postponed until January of 2017.

Ever since Toyota lost that landmark unintended acceleration case in Oklahoma back in 2013, the Cover-up King has been desperately trying to quiet things down regarding their ongoing unintended acceleration problems. Meanwhile, crashes pointing to electronically-induced unintended acceleration are a dime a dozen, exemplified by this horrific 6/19/2016 accident involving another Lexus. Out-of-court-settlements featuring confidentiality agreements - complete with Toyota "admitting to no wrongdoing" - have become the Cover-up King's trademark since the corporate bully is usually successful in exploiting the vulnerabilities of its victims. Azar is indeed Toyota's worst nightmare.

Ms. Hadi is one tough lady when it comes to exposing facts relevant to electronically-induced unintended acceleration. In the tradition of Koua Fong Lee - the jailed Toyota driver who heroically went to trial - and won - rather than accept a crooked plea bargain, it looks like Toyota has once again met its match.

Update 9/21/2016 - Just now got word that Toyota has AGAIN postponed Azar's court date, this time to April of 2017.