Monday, January 12, 2015

Admit it, Toyota: The Camry's sudden surge is what "startled" Koua Fong Lee

Please spread the word: There may be hope yet for folks who were victimized by Toyota regarding the "pre-cat" manufacturing defect in MR2 Spyders.

Leave it to the attorneys for an admitted crook to try to pull a fast one in court. As Koua Fong Lee's lawsuit got underway, Toyota's attorney tried to fool the jury into thinking that "when Lee took the off-ramp, he was startled (emphasis mine) by many cars in front of him and stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake." The guise is based on a fallacious 1989 "study" by NHTSA - the automotive industry's little lapdog - that blabbers about unintended acceleration events coming about because the driver is "distracted" or "startled."

A common-sense analysis shows how utterly absurd the notion is, especially when applied to unintended acceleration events that happen on highways, when the driver's foot is most assuredly already on the accelerator, as was the case with Koua Fong Lee. What makes NHTSA's much-ballyhooed "study" so ridiculous is the fact that no explanation is offered regarding precisely why a "distracted" driver would respond by pushing more forcefully on the accelerator pedal.

What actually happens is confirmed by electrical engineer Dr. Antony Anderson in his lengthy and highly detailed study of unintended acceleration events. The driver is "distracted" or "startled" by the sudden surge in the vehicle's SPEED. Because the driver's foot is already on the accelerator, it's implausible - indeed, it's ridiculous - to assert that the driver would respond by pressing harder on the accelerator pedal. Such blabber was cooked up by NHTSA and the automotive industry as part of a well-orchestrated effort to dupe the public. As anyone who's driven a vehicle knows, in such a situation the spontaneous response would be to stomp on the brake pedal. And during Koua's appeal for a re-trial, it was demonstrated - by a burnt brake light filament - that he did just that when his 1996 Camry suddenly picked up speed as he exited the highway.

Another issue the NHTSA blabber conveniently avoids is the fact that runaway vehicles are exceedingly difficult - if not impossible - to stop. Consumer Reports' engineers "found that it's difficult to stop some vehicles with a stuck throttle at highway speeds by pressing on the brakes alone." As did highway patrolman Saylor - the doomed driver of the runaway Lexus ES 350 whose screams for help were caught on a 911 recording - Koua too began screaming that he couldn't stop the car.

What's important to bear in mind is evidence galore confirming Coverup King Toyota's dishonest behavior when the now admitted crook argues a case in court. An Associated Press investigation, concluding that Toyota "has routinely engaged in questionable, evasive and deceptive legal tactics when sued" is apparently an understatement.

I'll say it again: Koua Fong Lee still needs all the luck he can get.

Update 1/13/2015 - The burnt filament in Koua's brake light - proving that Koua had his foot on the brake - was spotlighted in yesterday's testimony by an expert witness. Of course, this had already been established during Koua's bid for a re-trial prior to charges against him being dismissed. Nonetheless, it's appalling that such testimony hasn't been headlined by mainstream media.

Update 1/14/2015 - A mysterious pause in Koua's lawsuit took place yesterday, and it's rumored that Toyota is trying to settle the case out of court. If there's anything admitted crook and Coverup King Toyota can't stand, it's the truth, and lots of it has been coming out since Koua's lawsuit started. Nobody should be surprised if wunna Toyota's "confidential" settlements is reached in an obvious effort to shut things up. Bear in mind that Toyota has been in "settlement mode" ever since that landmark unintended acceleration trial in Oklahoma unveiled evidence of electronic defects in the Coverup King's throttle control: "After the Oklahoma verdict, Toyota's (settlement offer) increased substantially." Stay tuned. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Admitted-crook Toyota granted unfair advantage in Koua Fong Lee's lawsuit

Please spread the word: There may be hope yet for folks who were victimized by Toyota regarding the "pre-cat" manufacturing defect in MR2 Spyders.

tt was a hoot watchin' Amerika's so-called justice system exposed for the sham it is when unjustly imprisoned Toyota driver Koua Fong Lee appealed for a re-trial. The public unveiling of how Lee's case was handled confirmed the railroading of a penniless immigrant who found himself at the mercy - or lack thereof - of a pervasively corrupt system ramrodded by the incompetent, the uncaring, the politically motivated, and those hapless souls infected with this country's heritage of racism, which got underway with the American Indian. Evidence abounds - including some of the comments on news articles - that folks of Hmong descent best watch their step 'round the "Twin Cities" of Minnesota.

Once the sham of Lee's "conviction" was exposed - amidst picketing outside the courtroom, and a Facebook page committed to seeing Lee released from prison - there was little the good judge could do except free a guy who had beaten the odds when it comes to reversing injustice. And of course, with Lee winning his bid for a re-trial, his politically astute persecutor - er I mean prosecutor - suddenly saw the light and dropped all charges. She knew better than risk another trial, and that's well and good. But how many other "Koua Fong Lees" are rotting away in Amerika's corporate, run-for-profit prisons? How many other unjustly-imprisoned folks are lucky enough to have a conscientious newspaper reporter intervene, round up high-priced attorneys willing to work pro-bono and stick with the case through thick and thin?

So now we come to the Grand Opening of Lee's well-founded-if-ever-there-was lawsuit, not against Toyota, but against admitted crook Toyota. An automaker unparalleled in the annals of automotive history when it comes to lawsuits galore, congressional inquiries, record-setting fines, retaliation against whistleblowers, dirty deals with auto-industry-stooge NHTSA, and the foul-smelling list goes on ad nauseum, topped off by Toyota's guilty plea to a federal fraud charge, accompanied by $1.2 billion worth of payola forked over to a crooked government in exchange for an end to a federal investigation that threatened to blow the lid regarding evidence of electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control.

Whew. Quite a record the ol' Coverup King has established. But not to worry...

Judge Ann gonna make sure corporate-citizen Toyota - at last count sporting a $60 billion pile of cash - isn't treated unfairly by some upstart immigrant who had the audacity to file suit against the Coverup King. First off, that pesky issue of punitive damages - a consideration that's put Toyota in "settlement mode" ever since the Bookout case (see video at bottom) in Oklahoma - had to be dealt with. No problem. Simply rule that Lee isn't entitled to claim such damages. That oughta teach him to confront the likes of Toyota. No tellin' what a jury might do with a case involving a young plaintiff unjustly imprisoned for many years.

And then there's all this fuss about what the jury might be allowed to consider. Ahem. Yes, let's make sure the jury doesn't start thinking about Toyota's never-ending parade of recalls, the congressional inquiry, the fines for delays in reporting safety defects, and for double-dog certain let's not even mention the part about Toyota being an admitted crook. All the jury needs to know for sure, according to Judge Ann, is the fact that Camrys like the one Lee was driving were never part of any of the Coverup King's - er I mean Toyota's - recalls. And that fact provides the absolute perfect opportunity to rule that this pesky immigrant can't argue that Toyota covered anything up. After all, how could any informed person in their right mind entertain the notion that corporate-citizen Toyota might be somewhat less than forthright about acknowledging safety defects? And never mind that a whole slew of people have already testified that they too had been terrorized when their Camrys - just like the one Lee was driving - suddenly sped out of control. Shame on them for having the unmitigated gall to say so under oath, and it must be bothersome indeed that two of Toyota's "Lee-type Camry" victims will testify as part of Lee's lawsuit.

For icing on the cake, let's put some hefty limits on what the jury can hear regarding the horrors Lee experienced during years of unjust imprisonment. Package things up neatly, and blabber that as far as prison time goes, Lee should be compensated not by Toyota, but by taxpayers.

Right, Judge Ann. Let's bend over backwards to make sure this immigrant's lawsuit is conducted fairly for all concerned, especially a taxpaying public that continues to be put at risk by the shenanigans of a crook like Toyota, propped up by the automaker's good friends in Washington - Repukes n Demagogues alike - who deceitfully pose as representatives of the people.

In his courageous efforts to make truth prevail, Koua Fong Lee still needs all the luck he can get.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Did your MR2 Spyder engine disintegrate? Contact Jenn Strathman at WPTV

With honest coverage of the issue by mainstream media, there may be hope yet for folks who were victimized by Toyota regarding the manufacturing defect in MR2 Spyders. Jenn Strathman and WPTV have demonstrated their honesty, courage, and concern for consumers on a variety of issues, most notably, perhaps, with their recent exposure of Toyota's stonewalling response to melting dashboards.

Coverup King Toyota has now agreed to make amends for the dashboards, and a similar result might be obtained if enough folks contacted Jenn about engines disintegrating in MR2 Spyders. Let's give it a try:

Friday, December 19, 2014

Crooked Toyota yields to public exposure on melting dashboards

First, I want to pass along one heartfelt thanks to Jenn Strathman and WPTV for their sincere and persistent efforts at exposing the facts about Coverup King Toyota's problems with melting dashboards. Wow, what an amazing performance in a day and age - as I've addressed many times in this blog - when mainstream media almost always cowers down to crooks like Toyota, and, in essence, joins forces with deceitful corporations as they toss out every dirty trick in the book to bully consumers. Moreover, Jenn's tireless efforts - her first report aired back in April - have underscored the reason crooked corporations - backed by this paid-off government - are so intent on controlling news media.

As consumers have done on a vast variety of other issues - epitomized, incidentally, by all those engine failures in MR2 Spyders - folks yelled and screamed about an obvious manufacturing defect that caused Toyota's dashboards to melt into a gooey, sticky mess, the reflection from which presented an equally obvious safety hazard. And just as Coverup King Toyota and its partner-in-crime NHTSA have done on an endless list of similar situations, the response - actually, the lack thereof - was one of stonewalling, denial, and deceit as the gang attempted to fleece consumers and shut the melting dashboard issue up.

But this time it was different.

An honest mainstream news-media operation with a sincere and competent investigative reporter entered the picture, dared to contact Toyota directly, and broadcast the facts. And lo and behold, the free press, much to Toyota's chagrin, finally got the kind of results consumers are entitled to. It's a profound delight to see a slob like Toyota taken to task by a handful of their irate customers and a bit of good, old-fashioned investigative reporting. The kind of reporting that brings down corruption and frees consumers from having to depend on time-consuming, emotionally-draining, and incredibly expensive lawsuits in an effort to obtain a shred of fundamental fairness. Isn't it amazing how a bit of honest, mainstream-media intervention levels up the playing field? Once again - I can't say it forcefully enough - thanks, Jenn. As I blogged in response to that Oklahoma jury's guilty verdict in Toyota's landmark electronically-induced unintended acceleration case: thank you, thank you, thank you. Visit Jenn's Facebook page. Read the many comments from those who had been victimized for years by Toyota's melting-dashboard scam. Bless you, Jenn. Bless WPTV.  

Coverup King and admitted-crook Toyota has now agreed to do what the corporate slob should have done in the first place, without any stonewalling blabber about the dashboard warranties running out. YES. Toyota will now recall millions of vehicles to correct the problem, and reimburse customers who paid to have dashboards replaced.

Nonetheless, look at the lying, deceitful "spin" bully-boy Toyota is putting on the matter. Admitted-crook Toyota has the unmitigated gall to say "We are committed to closely listening to out customers to ensure owner satisfaction." Right. Except in the case of all those engine defects in MR2 Spyders. Except in the case of ongoing unintended acceleration disasters. Except in the case of continuing complaints of oil-sludged engines. Except in the case of... Really, folks. Does Toyota and its government cohorts take people for fools? Is the government-propped-up gang so repulsively self-assured that their unconscionable - and often murderous - abuse of consumers will go on forever? Are they really?

It's time we had a little bit of honesty and bravery in this country. The kind of sincerity and courage exemplified by Jenn Strathman and WPTV. One final time, at least for this post:


Update, 12/19/2014 - Check out photos of the melting dashboards

Update 12/20/2014 - Toyota says replacement parts won't be available until May of 2015, and it looks like the defective dashboards may also involve potential interference with airbags. So ya gotta wonder if Toyota's parts supplier Takata - now implicated in deaths and injuries associated with shrapnel-slingin', exploding airbags - is involved in the lengthy delay. Just add this to tons of evidence confirming that NHTSA - the so-called safety agency has refused to address the melting dashboards - is a corporate-controlled stooge for the auto industry. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Toyota, trolls, and the government's assault on free speech

Efforts to block readers from visiting this blog have been on the increase lately, epitomized by a recent skirmish with Houston's ABC-13 over a story they cooked up which criticized cops for refusing to file charges against the driver of a runaway Lexus. Granted, operations such as Houston's ABC-13 are privately owned, and from a legal standpoint, permitted to "moderate" discussions as they see fit. Problem is, with rare exception, we have a corporate-controlled mainstream media, fearful of losing broadcast licenses if they cross ol' Sammy, and fearful of losing advertising dollars if they cross corporate interests. Factor in anonymous comments generated by so-called reputation management companies, and it all boils down to making a mockery of a free press, including a deceitful assault on free speech.

The government is too cowardly to limit free speech outright. So it's done the "American Way," with behind-the-scenes maneuvering designed to maintain the appearance of freedom while cleverly placing shackles on those who dare to speak truth. Especially in this age of the Internet.

The government and its mainstream media stooges have been determined to keep word from spreading about evidence galore pointing to electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control. The "Just Us" Department underscored ol' Sammy's unwritten directive with a high-handed "No comment" when a freelance reporter for trade journal EE Times dared to confront Holder's gang with the facts. David Benjamin's EE Times' article exposing what happened ranks in my book as wunna the all-time masterpieces of investigative journalism.

ABC-13's article is typical of the propaganda bandied about under the guise of journalism. Their "legal analyst" feigns ignorance of the electronics issue associated with vehicles speeding out of control, and there's no report of what the Lexus driver said happened. But perhaps the most glaring omission - as ABC-13 spotlights the driver's age - is a discussion of how extremely difficult it is to stop vehicles when electronic defects get the upper hand. A recent seminar at Carnegie-Mellon took a close look at the issue - see slide number 8 - as part of a presentation on electronically-induced unintended acceleration. Notice that brake pressure is normally in the 15 to 43.6 pounds range, whereas a whopping 175 pounds of force is required when vehicles accelerate on their own. Back in 2010, Consumer Reports ran an article, complete with a video, that corroborates Dr. Koopman's presentation. It's preposterous to believe that Houston's ABC-13 is unaware of the facts.

ABC-13's article smacks of a corporate-controlled ploy intended to mislead the public and have a chilling effect on cops declining to charge drivers when vehicles speed out of control. Absence of charges raises questions that admitted crooks like Toyota doesn't want people askin'.

The first response to my comment was an insulting, mindless "reply" from an anonymous source, then came the removal of my comment, while the anonymous blabber - quite likely associated with a troll employed by a reputation management firm - was permitted to remain posted. Here's a copy of my now-deleted comment, and the troll's "reply":

Parris Boyd:
ABC-13 legal analyst Joel Androphy has never heard of electronically-induced unintended acceleration? Especially in Toyotas? Especially in the admitted crook's much-ballyhooed Lexus? Where ya been, Joel? Trying to cover up for the auto industry? ABC should be addressing the epidemic of runaway vehicles crashing into buildings. The Miami Herald dared to discuss the issue. Parking - not age - is the biggest common denominator, and how about telling us what the DRIVER said happened? There's evidence GALORE of electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control, and I've been blogging about it. Search "Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU..." 

Dumb again, Parrisite. Another case of old lady driver error. "The woman, who police said was 70 years old, was not intoxicated according to officers on the scene. Police said she hit the gas instead of the breaks while she was trying to park her Lexus SUV outside the restaurant."

This is not the first time mainstream media in Texas - a state proud to host the new North American headquarters for a murderous, admitted crook like Toyota - has taken exception to my comments and made sure that neither Toyota nor the public read my views. How many other comments get axed in the Lone Star state for being critical of the Coverup King is anyone's guess.

The government's propaganda-censorship game isn't limited to Texas, and this certainly isn't the first time I've written posts about the issue. What's important to realize is that ABC-13's behavior exemplifies the kinda stuff going on all across the country regarding every topic imaginable. Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts targets the issue in his latest article, "The Prospect of Nuclear War." Just out of curiosity - not that I have proof of any - I inquired about the cost to protect this blog from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks. The bill would come to $3,000 per month. Real hoot, but at least I got a thigh-slappin' laugh out of it. Not to mention a far better appreciation of the costs associated with politically-sensitive websites that make a serious effort at maximizing hits.

Alluding to this sorry state of affairs in his 9/14/2014 call for donations (preface to "Washington's War on Russia"), Dr. Roberts sums things up admirably: "It will not be long before only a masochist will be willing to speak the truth in the United States or in any country of the West."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

As word spreads re electronic defects, cops decline to charge the driver of a runaway Lexus

When is admitted-crook Toyota and scandal-soaked NHTSA gonna own up to the facts regarding unintended acceleration? Not long ago, Honda made an admission of electronic defects associated with these events, and now Nissan has reluctantly chimed in with an admission of software defects causing Infinities to unexpectedly take off. It's way past time for Uncle Scam (sic) to get serious about the electronics issue in general, and Coverup King Toyota in particular. There's evidence GALORE of electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control, presented over a year ago when the Coverup King lost the landmark unintended acceleration case in Oklahoma. Thanks to trade journals, bloggers, and comments on social media sites, word has gotten out in spite of the government's silence, and an attempted news blackout by this corporate-controlled government's mainstream media stooges.

As I've mentioned, there are literally too many crashes suggestive of electronically-induced unintended acceleration to keep track of. The Miami Herald addressed the alarming number of vehicles crashing into buildings, but carefully avoided any mention of defective software and the auto industry's refusal to install adequate fail-safes.

Apparently, cops are starting to think twice before charging drivers whose vehicles crash into buildings. News that the driver of a runaway Lexus won't be charged in a devastating crash in Houston is certainly not the first runaway-crash devoid of charges against drivers, but it may well be the first time the absence of such charges - which speaks volumns to informed consumers - has made headlines for an article devoted to blaming the cops. Not charging the drivers of runaway vehicles tends to raise questions; tends to embarrass the scandal-soaked auto industry.

Notice the tantrum thrown by ABC-13's "legal analyst," as he feigns ignorance of the electronics issue. Notice the careful omission of any reference to what the driver said happened, much less a ton of evidence showing how incredibly difficult vehicles are to stop when electronic defects take over. Find my comment below the article and notice the anonymous "reply" - sheer blabber which immediately popped up - by what appears to be a troll from either the government, the auto industry, or a reputation management firm. //Update 11/9/2014 - My comment exposing ABC-13's one-sided reporting of this story and referring readers to this blog was removed shortly after I posted my remarks earlier today. The inane "reply," however, from disqus_opJ5VKk8FJ remains posted.//

I won't belabor the electronics issue. There are plenty of references and discussions elswhere on this blog, and on the Internet.

What an outrage it is that folks are being injured, killed - and in some cases unjustly jailed - all because of a crooked, corporate-controlled government that panders to murderous thugs in the auto industry. Deadly gnition-switches, exploding airbags that sling shrapnel, electronic defects in throttle controls without adequate fail-safes, and it's anybody's guess as to what blood-spattered defect - and coverup - will be revealed next. Meanwhile, the most we get from Repukes and Demagogues is another round of theatrics aimed at making sure nobody at any of these murderous, blood-drenched corporations goes to prison.

This is one sorry excuse for a government. To say it's tyrannical is to understate the case.

Update 11/12/2014 - JUST IN: At 7:06 PM EST (see 11/10/2014 update), Detroit News reported that GM CEO Mary Barra will not be receiving the award. Public outcry, organized by Laura Gipe Christian, founder of "GM Recall Survivors" prevailed quickly. 

Update 11/10/2014 - BREAKING NEWS on the ignition-switch scandal: E-mails that GM wanted kept secret have now been released - thanks to attorney Bob Hilliard - that raise justifiable questions regarding the much-ballyhooed "innocence" of GM CEO Mary Barra. Stay tuned as the founder of "GM Recall Survivors" takes aim at the National Womens History Museum and a senate sub-committee over Barra being presented with an award based on safety.

Update 11/9/2014 - HOT OFF THE PRESS: Just over an hour ago, USA Today's editorial board published a scathing review of the airbag fiasco.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Toyota's airbag supplier accused of coverup starting in 2004

Update 11/7/2014 - Just in: "Feds suspect Takata errors date back to 1998." Watch auto-industry-lapdog NHTSA - caught red-handed in GM's ignition-switch scandal - squirm. USA today sums it up well: "The airbag problem has taken on a grim likeness to GM's faulty ignition switches, spotted within the company in 2001 but not recalled until early this year. The switches can fail and disable airbags. They are linked to 30 deaths."  

Coverup King Toyota has apparently been doing business with a like-minded airbag supplier. As the scandal widens over those shrapnel-slingin' airbags from Takata, two former employees have now come forward to say Takata knew about the problem in 2004, conducted secretive tests, and then covered everything up.

I thought it was kinda strange when Toyota rushed to defend Takata. Both corporations - Toyota now an admitted crook - have a way of producing defective products that kill, federal investigations, and whistleblowers. Of course, the federal "investigations" never amount to anything more than some grand theatrics, underscored by a curt "No comment" if anyone dares to confront the power structure. How much longer tail-tucked Americans are gonna tolerate a corporate-controlled government that panders to murderous thugs in the auto industry is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety estimates that there are up to 25 million vehicles in the US that have shrapnel-slingin' airbags. Back in June, Ditlow issued a statement targeting NHTSA's cozy relationship with parts-supplier Takata.

Pleasant dreams.