Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ruginis EDR data prompts government whitewash for Toyota

Toyota's good friend NHTSA has rushed to the admitted crook's aid once again. This time, it's the case of Bob Ruginis, who lucked out and happened to get his hands on his Corolla's EDR readout after his wife experienced an unintended acceleration episode resulting in a crash.

Amidst an epidemic of runaway vehicles - most often Toyotas - crashing into buildings, NHTSA performed its all-too-familiar song and dance about "driver error," and the government's presstitute mainstream media pumped out more propaganda designed to protect the auto industry. Interestingly enough, NHTSA still isn't willing to challenge NASA physicist Dr. Henning Leidecker's warning about increased risks of unintended acceleration in '02-'06 Camrys, and informed consumers realize that admitted-crook Toyota has been in "settlement mode" ever since an Oklahoma jury found Toyota at fault in that landmark unintended acceleration case back in October of 2013.

Meanwhile, vehicles are beginning to speed out of control without anyone even being in the car. Not long ago, I blogged about an unattended Lexus taking off from a carwash, and now another unattended vehicle has suddenly started up on its own - there were witnesses - and followed the driver into a Papa John's.

There's evidence galore pointing to both mechanical and electronically-induced unintended acceleration, and Toyota has lost hard when such evidence is presented to juries. The government is simply determined to protect murderous thugs like Toyota and GM as the auto industry's blood-spattered scandals continue.

Update 5/4/2015 - Judging from comments about the vehicle that started up on its own and crashed into the Papa John's, it was a Honda. As I've mentioned in other blog posts, government and industry's presstitute mainstream media usually keeps things quiet regarding vehicle make, model, year, what drivers say happened, etc. Maybe surveillance video will be made public, maybe not. I blogged about Honda's recent admission of electronically-induced unintended acceleration. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Driver blames Prius' brakes, won't be charged in horrific crash

Someone e-mailed me an update on this crash, their remarks offer insight into what's going on:

Believe Toyota (and the rental and insurance companies) did not want a public trial shining light on the embedded software, especially within the braking system which was acknowledged to have issues in earlier model Prius vehicles. (obviously, it still is not reliable - and where is NHTSA?) 

And of course the public is still kept in the dark concerning the real issues involved. No statement made as to WHY the driver was not charged, except some public fluff.

L.A. police KNOW (but will not publicly acknowledge) what the real cause was. The Prius itself.

Had an example from some years ago (sadly lost when my first computer died), where a Toyota or Lexus driver had a Sudden Unintended Acceleration event while parking in front of a small store in the L.A. area; and the vehicle went partially through the front window.

When the L.A. police showed up and the driver explained what had happened, their response was essentially (using almost the exact same words) "we know"... At least in L.A., THEY KNOW (wish I could find it again).

Trolls and the (less than knowledgeable) public will have a field day complaining online as to WHY a driver was allowed to hit and seriously injure school girls, yet not be charged.

Notice, even in this article, the complete lack of information on the current condition of those injured.

This driver was lucky not to be charged. Drivers in similar situations have not been so fortunate.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deadly RAV4 crash, driver blames vehicle, no charges filed

I'll say it again: There are literally too many crashes suggestive of electronically-induced unintended acceleration to keep track of and write about. Yesterday in Great Neck, New York, a 2006 RAV4 took off from a parking lot, crashed into an AT&T office, and killed a woman inside the building. Newsday hastily closed the comments on its article, and a television station in New York is now reporting that the driver says she couldn't stop the vehicle. RAV4s are figuring prominently in runaway vehicle crashes.

Amidst an epidemic of runaway vehicles, it seems police are becoming less likely to charge drivers. I sensed a trend in that direction some time ago, but only for crashes involving no injuries or fatalities. It's extremely significant that no charges are being filed in a runaway crash resulting in a fatality. Judging from the comments on Newsday's article, the public may be starting to realize how ridiculous it is for auto manufacturers to blame drivers when vehicles suddenly speed out of control. One comment made specific reference to the high number of vehicles crashing into buildings; another warned against allowing Toyota to have the say-so regarding what the Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) reveals.

Maybe Toyota's big losses in landmark lawsuits involving unintended acceleration is finally beginning to register with a brainwashed American public. Details are spreading despite the best efforts of presstitute mainstream media to keep incriminating evidence quiet. Toyota has now been found guilty of mechanical as well as electronic defects leading to unintended acceleration, the National Carwash Association is keeping records - Jeeps are notorious - of vehicles prone to suddenly take off, and Honda has admitted to electronic defects associated with unintended acceleration. No brand is immune, yet auto-industry-lapdog NHTSA refuses to address the issue. 

How many more lives will be needlessly lost due to a corporate-controlled government and a cowardly American public that tolerates being kicked around by the 1% and its paid-off legislators?

Updates 3/31/15 - CBS New York has aired the story of this latest RAV4 crash, and comments are being "moderated" with a heavy bias favoring anonymous, name-calling trolls. PEOPLE LIKE ME, WHO GIVE THEIR REAL NAMES AND CONVEY USEFUL INFORMATION, ARE BEING HARASSED, AND THEIR COMMENTS ARE BEING REMOVED.

Updates 4/2/2015 - 
> As if to underscore the frequency of crashes pointing to electronically-induced unintended acceleration - especially in Toyotas - today's headlines featured a Camry crashing into an AutoZone as the vehicle left a - yes, you guessed it - carwash. ONCE AGAIN, COMMENTS -INCLUDING MINE - EXPOSING FACTS ABOUT ELECTRONIC ISSUES ARE BEING BLOCKED. UNWARRANTED CENSORSHIP IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE "LAND OF THE FREE."

> Another Toyota recall due to electronic/software issues. RAV4 and Camry are on the list.

> Yet ANOTHER Toyota - this time a Lexus - making headlines over the past few days for speeding out of control. As with most runaway crashes, the Lexus took off from a parking lot. This case - as I've said, there are too many to keep up with - confirms that drivers are still being unjustly charged.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Toyota facing the music over B.B. King Camry ad

News broke toward the end of last year that admitted-crook Toyota and its ad agency Saatchi and Saatchi North America are accused of copyright infringement associated with a Camry ad. Never mind the ad neglecting to mention NASA physicist Henning Leidecker warning of increased risk of unintended acceleration in '02-'06 Camrys. The Toyota gang struck a sour note by deriving an ad campaign from someone's book about B.B. King without first getting the author's permission. And a federal judge has now ruled that the lawsuit can proceed, overruling a "challenge" blabbered out by the Coverup King. Always bear in mind that an Associated Press investigation found that Toyota indulges in some pretty sleazy legal tactics when sued.

This isn't the first time a Toyota ad campaign has made the wrong kinda headlines. Not too long ago, advertising the "Toyota Way" literally terrorized a consumer after Saatchi came up with what's gotta be the most ridiculous idea ever when it comes to spreadin' the word about a product.

What really shows Toyota's true colors when it comes to who owns written material is the Coverup King's harassment of whistleblower Betsy Benjaminson. The unemployed, single-mother-of-four continues to be subjected to pricey intimidation tactics by a gang of Toyota's big-shot lawyers because Benjaminson dared to divulge information she felt the public needed to know regarding Toyota's problems with unintended acceleration. Toyota seems to think it's okay to use privileged information from someone's book for an advertising campaign, but it's not okay for someone to divulge "privileged Toyota information" that electrical engineers such as the exceptionally well-credentialed Dr. Antony Anderson believe has safety implications for the public. In fact, Dr. Anderson's study on unintended acceleration has been published in the prestigious IEEE Access. Go figure.

Really, folks. Who trusts the advertising of an admitted crook in the first place?

Update 3/16/2015 - Repeated efforts have been unsuccessful in getting this post to appear in standard format on Facebook. My remarks and the link itself are all that shows. I'll monitor re potential censorship issues.
Update 4/23/2015 - The suit has now been settled. Confidentially, of course. Keeping things quiet is Toyota's trademark.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lexus dealer in Saylor case reaches confidential settlement

"Owner Bob Baker said investigators failed to fully examine possible manufacturing defects."

Amidst news of a major auto dealer in Maryland blowing the whistle on manufacturers for directing dealers to conceal dangerous defects, Bob Baker, the Lexus dealer associated with the Saylor case, which focused national attention on Toyota's problems with unintended acceleration, has reached a last-minute, confidential settlement with the parents of the victims. Interestingly enough, back in 2010, when Toyota settled its case - confidentially, of course - regarding the Saylor crash, Mr. Baker was outspoken in favor of making details of that settlement public.

Since the Saylor tragedy, evidence has emerged revealing electronic defects galore in Toyota's throttle control. Worse yet, cases of runaway vehicles - most often Toyotas, but affecting other brands as well - are continuing. Vehicles crashing into buildings has reached epidemic proportions, and the National Carwash Association has started documenting which vehicles are most prone to speed out of control. Note the comments by Bob Schrum in this article updating readers that no charges will be filed regarding a Jeep that unexpectedly sped away at a carwash in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Then there's the ongoing case of Bob Ruginis, a Toyota customer who lucked out and managed to obtain a copy of the EDR readout after his Corolla sped out of control. As I've mentioned in other posts, there are literally too many runaway vehicle cases pointing to electronic defects to keep up with.

Once again, folks: What kind of "government" allows automakers to kick consumers around, conceal dangerous defects, and get away with never-ending parades of blood-spattered scandals?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dealer speaks out against automakers being allowed to keep defects quiet

> Update 3/1/2015 - GREAT VIDEO by NBC's WRC-TV: Dealer Jack Fitzgerald says that in the past, auto manufacturers have punished him financially for speaking out.
> Update 3/10/2015 - In this article published yesterday, Jack sums things up admirably: "People have lost lives on the road because manufacturers have hidden safety problems by delaying recalls, and forcing dealers to withhold critical information." 
> Update 3/11/2015 - Toyota, GM, and Ford are being sued for concealing the fact that their vehicles are susceptible to hackers wresting control from drivers, and Toyota has announced another recall involving defective software and electronics - this time raising safety issues about transmissions and steering. Wonder if dealerships were ordered to keep quiet about these issues.  

One of the auto industry's most appalling practices involves refusing to inform customers about known defects. Generally speaking, it falls under the heading "secret warranties," and Jack Fitzgerald, president of Fitzgerald's Auto Malls in Maryland is speaking out against the practice. Refusal to divulge defect information to customers is a racket that's been going on for decades.

Mr. Fitzgerald is uniquely qualified to address the issue since his dealership is massive in size and handles all brands. As one would expect, his efforts to promote free speech and full disclosure are being opposed by the auto industry.

Of course, the larger point is that keeping defects secret amounts to fraud, and should have been outlawed long ago at the federal level. The fact that automakers can get away with such crookedness further evidences the fact that our current system of government - local, state, and federal - is controlled not by the people it deceitfully claims to represent, but by powerful special interests such as those associated with the auto industry. Meanwhile, the blood-spattered scandals of murderous corporations like Toyota, GM, Takata, etc. ad nauseum continue unabated as the "Just Us" Department keeps watch to make sure no auto executive winds up in prison.

Were it not for public safety implications, it would be laughable that an auto dealer must ask government for permission to warn customers about manufacturing defects. Mr. Fitzgerald is to be applauded for daring to speak out against such a pervasively corrupt system.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Manufacturing defect + Koua Fong Lee's account + similar accounts of runaway '96 Camrys = 100% Toyota's fault

It doesn't make sense to hold Koua Fong Lee 40% accountable for the tragic accident that claimed the lives of three people. You can't have it both ways. Either the vehicle had a manufacturing defect in the accelerator assembly or it didn't. The jury ruled that it did, giving credence to testimony given by Lee as well as other drivers who said they had unintended acceleration problems with '96 Camrys. So how on earth did the jury jump from agreeing with the crux of Koua's case to concluding that he was 40% at fault for the accident? It's anybody's guess as to how such a thing happened, and I certainly hope the miscarriage of justice is remedied on appeal.

The entire matter boils down to corroborating evidence of Lee's account of what happened. Fact is, such evidence has been there by the boatload ever since the accident occurred. The penniless immigrant was railroaded from the get go, and the disgraceful spectacle continued throughout his effort to sue Toyota - an admitted crook that deserves to be known as the Coverup King of the automotive industry - for a manufacturing defect.

Koua's lawsuit was stymied at the outset by a ridiculous legal shenanigan which took away his right to claim punitive damages. If anyone ever deserved punitive damages from an automaker, it's Koua Fong Lee, who spent a whopping two and a half years in prison as a consequence of Toyota's now-established manufacturing defect. And don't hand me any nonsense about shifting the blame for Lee's incarceration to Minnesota's sorry excuse for a justice system, then cleverly passing false imprisonment costs along to the taxpaying public. It's time automakers - especially admitted crooks like Toyota - are held accountable to the Nth degree for the consequences - both direct and indirect - resulting from manufacturing defects. Lee was further hamstrung by not being allowed to claim Toyota was guilty of a cover-up. Never mind complaints lodged with NHTSA about unintended acceleration in '96 Camrys. And don't dare to breath a word about the Coverup King - er I mean Toyota - pleading guilty to that federal fraud charge for misleading safety investigators about defective products.

Of course, "Judge Ann" quickly instructed the jury that it couldn't consider Lee's time in prison, nor the automaker's headline-grabbing parade of recalls, some of which resulted in record-setting fines for delays in reporting safety defects. Rounding out the picture, Lee's attorney's plans to present at additional witnesses were also quashed by the ever vigilant "Judge Ann," who kept a watchful eye lest a filthy rich corporate crook - at last count harboring $60 billion just in cash - be treated unfairly. If only folks had the same degree of concern for penniless immigrants and taxpaying citizens...

At one point, the kindly judge even assisted Toyota's attorney during a cross-examination of the hapless immigrant whose "peers" on the jury, I hasten to add, did not include anyone of Hmong descent. But perhaps "Judge Ann's" most notable "assistance" was allowing Toyota to present sworn depositions regarding that crux-of-the-case manufacturing defect. I'm sure the good judge wasn't aware of the fact that it's kinda difficult to conduct a cross-examination of a deposition. No wonder an Associated Press investigation concluded that Toyota uses evasion as a legal tactic.  Moreover, according to Lee's lawyer, Toyota spent "tens of millions" of dollars in an effort to "frame" his client.   

Don't get me wrong. Given the lopsided advantages granted to Toyota, it's a miracle the jury established that a manufacturing defect did exist, found Toyota 60% responsible for the accident, and awarded $11.4 million to the plaintiffs, $2.2 million of which will go to Lee. For all that, I'm exceedingly grateful. Unfortunately, the fact remains that many lives have been lost and shattered, the tragic nature of which was addressed quite admirably by a downcast and sorrowful Koua Fong Lee immediately after the verdict. 

Toyota, there are some things money just can't buy.