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Sunday, November 9, 2014

As word spreads re electronic defects, cops decline to charge the driver of a runaway Lexus

When is admitted-crook Toyota and scandal-soaked NHTSA gonna own up to the facts regarding unintended acceleration? Not long ago, Honda made an admission of electronic defects associated with these events, and now Nissan has reluctantly chimed in with an admission of software defects causing Infinities to unexpectedly take off. It's way past time for Uncle Scam (sic) to get serious about the electronics issue in general, and Coverup King Toyota in particular. There's evidence GALORE of electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control, presented over a year ago when the Coverup King lost the landmark unintended acceleration case in Oklahoma. Thanks to trade journals, bloggers, and comments on social media sites, word has gotten out in spite of the government's silence, and an attempted news blackout by this corporate-controlled government's mainstream media stooges.

As I've mentioned, there are literally too many crashes suggestive of electronically-induced unintended acceleration to keep track of. The Miami Herald addressed the alarming number of vehicles crashing into buildings, but carefully avoided any mention of defective software and the auto industry's refusal to install adequate fail-safes.

Apparently, cops are starting to think twice before charging drivers whose vehicles crash into buildings. News that the driver of a runaway Lexus won't be charged in a devastating crash in Houston is certainly not the first runaway-crash devoid of charges against drivers, but it may well be the first time the absence of such charges - which speaks volumns to informed consumers - has made headlines for an article devoted to blaming the cops. Not charging the drivers of runaway vehicles tends to raise questions; tends to embarrass the scandal-soaked auto industry.

Notice the tantrum thrown by ABC-13's "legal analyst," as he feigns ignorance of the electronics issue. Notice the careful omission of any reference to what the driver said happened, much less a ton of evidence showing how incredibly difficult vehicles are to stop when electronic defects take over. Find my comment below the article and notice the anonymous "reply" - sheer blabber which immediately popped up - by what appears to be a troll from either the government, the auto industry, or a reputation management firm. //Update 11/9/2014 - My comment exposing ABC-13's one-sided reporting of this story and referring readers to this blog was removed shortly after I posted my remarks earlier today. The inane "reply," however, from disqus_opJ5VKk8FJ remains posted.//

I won't belabor the electronics issue. There are plenty of references and discussions elswhere on this blog, and on the Internet.

What an outrage it is that folks are being injured, killed - and in some cases unjustly jailed - all because of a crooked, corporate-controlled government that panders to murderous thugs in the auto industry. Deadly gnition-switches, exploding airbags that sling shrapnel, electronic defects in throttle controls without adequate fail-safes, and it's anybody's guess as to what blood-spattered defect - and coverup - will be revealed next. Meanwhile, the most we get from Repukes and Demagogues is another round of theatrics aimed at making sure nobody at any of these murderous, blood-drenched corporations goes to prison.

This is one sorry excuse for a government. To say it's tyrannical is to understate the case.

Update 11/12/2014 - JUST IN: At 7:06 PM EST (see 11/10/2014 update), Detroit News reported that GM CEO Mary Barra will not be receiving the award. Public outcry, organized by Laura Gipe Christian, founder of "GM Recall Survivors" prevailed quickly. 

Update 11/10/2014 - BREAKING NEWS on the ignition-switch scandal: E-mails that GM wanted kept secret have now been released - thanks to attorney Bob Hilliard - that raise justifiable questions regarding the much-ballyhooed "innocence" of GM CEO Mary Barra. Stay tuned as the founder of "GM Recall Survivors" takes aim at the National Womens History Museum and a senate sub-committee over Barra being presented with an award based on safety.

Update 11/9/2014 - HOT OFF THE PRESS: Just over an hour ago, USA Today's editorial board published a scathing review of the airbag fiasco.