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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Toyota, trolls, and the government's assault on free speech

Efforts to block readers from visiting this blog have been on the increase lately, epitomized by a recent skirmish with Houston's ABC-13 over a story they cooked up which criticized cops for refusing to file charges against the driver of a runaway Lexus. Granted, operations such as Houston's ABC-13 are privately owned, and from a legal standpoint, permitted to "moderate" discussions as they see fit. Problem is, with rare exception, we have a corporate-controlled mainstream media, fearful of losing broadcast licenses if they cross ol' Sammy, and fearful of losing advertising dollars if they cross corporate interests. Factor in anonymous comments generated by so-called reputation management companies, and it all boils down to making a mockery of a free press, including a deceitful assault on free speech.

The government is too cowardly to limit free speech outright. So it's done the "American Way," with behind-the-scenes maneuvering designed to maintain the appearance of freedom while cleverly placing shackles on those who dare to speak truth. Especially in this age of the Internet.

The government and its mainstream media stooges have been determined to keep word from spreading about evidence galore pointing to electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control. The "Just Us" Department underscored ol' Sammy's unwritten directive with a high-handed "No comment" when a freelance reporter for trade journal EE Times dared to confront Holder's gang with the facts. David Benjamin's EE Times' article exposing what happened ranks in my book as wunna the all-time masterpieces of investigative journalism.

ABC-13's article is typical of the propaganda bandied about under the guise of journalism. Their "legal analyst" feigns ignorance of the electronics issue associated with vehicles speeding out of control, and there's no report of what the Lexus driver said happened. But perhaps the most glaring omission - as ABC-13 spotlights the driver's age - is a discussion of how extremely difficult it is to stop vehicles when electronic defects get the upper hand. A recent seminar at Carnegie-Mellon took a close look at the issue - see slide number 8 - as part of a presentation on electronically-induced unintended acceleration. Notice that brake pressure is normally in the 15 to 43.6 pounds range, whereas a whopping 175 pounds of force is required when vehicles accelerate on their own. Back in 2010, Consumer Reports ran an article, complete with a video, that corroborates Dr. Koopman's presentation. It's preposterous to believe that Houston's ABC-13 is unaware of the facts.

ABC-13's article smacks of a corporate-controlled ploy intended to mislead the public and have a chilling effect on cops declining to charge drivers when vehicles speed out of control. Absence of charges raises questions that admitted crooks like Toyota doesn't want people askin'.

The first response to my comment was an insulting, mindless "reply" from an anonymous source, then came the removal of my comment, while the anonymous blabber - quite likely associated with a troll employed by a reputation management firm - was permitted to remain posted. Here's a copy of my now-deleted comment, and the troll's "reply":

Parris Boyd:
ABC-13 legal analyst Joel Androphy has never heard of electronically-induced unintended acceleration? Especially in Toyotas? Especially in the admitted crook's much-ballyhooed Lexus? Where ya been, Joel? Trying to cover up for the auto industry? ABC should be addressing the epidemic of runaway vehicles crashing into buildings. The Miami Herald dared to discuss the issue. Parking - not age - is the biggest common denominator, and how about telling us what the DRIVER said happened? There's evidence GALORE of electronic defects in Toyota's throttle control, and I've been blogging about it. Search "Beware of Toyota. Their next victim may be YOU..." 

Dumb again, Parrisite. Another case of old lady driver error. "The woman, who police said was 70 years old, was not intoxicated according to officers on the scene. Police said she hit the gas instead of the breaks while she was trying to park her Lexus SUV outside the restaurant."

This is not the first time mainstream media in Texas - a state proud to host the new North American headquarters for a murderous, admitted crook like Toyota - has taken exception to my comments and made sure that neither Toyota nor the public read my views. How many other comments get axed in the Lone Star state for being critical of the Coverup King is anyone's guess.

The government's propaganda-censorship game isn't limited to Texas, and this certainly isn't the first time I've written posts about the issue. What's important to realize is that ABC-13's behavior exemplifies the kinda stuff going on all across the country regarding every topic imaginable. Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts targets the issue in his latest article, "The Prospect of Nuclear War." Just out of curiosity - not that I have proof of any - I inquired about the cost to protect this blog from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks. The bill would come to $3,000 per month. Real hoot, but at least I got a thigh-slappin' laugh out of it. Not to mention a far better appreciation of the costs associated with politically-sensitive websites that make a serious effort at maximizing hits.

Alluding to this sorry state of affairs in his 9/14/2014 call for donations (preface to "Washington's War on Russia"), Dr. Roberts sums things up admirably: "It will not be long before only a masochist will be willing to speak the truth in the United States or in any country of the West."