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Friday, February 21, 2014

Software-related recalls, police-state press, federal criminal investigation being bought off

No wonder renowned software expert Michael Barr found bugs in Toyota's software causing sudden unintended acceleration. Toyota's latest recalls involve defective software in the Prius, RAV4, Tacoma, and Lexus RX350. Some of the software issues affect anti-lock brakes, stability control, and traction control. Meanwhile, Toyota is in talks with NHTSA regarding another recall involving computer-related brake problems in Camry Hybrids. Software glitches galore. Whew.

Sayin' Recall King Toyota is now in "settlement mode" is an understatement. Toyota is apparently on the verge of forkin' over sumpthin' in the range of a billion dollars to put an end to the federal criminal investigation - begun four years ago - into Toyota's reporting procedures - or the lack thereof - regarding sudden unintended acceleration.

Actions speak louder than words. After the guilty verdict in the Oklahoma sudden unintended acceleration case, the Recall King rushes into court seeking a "global" settlement for hundreds of remaining civil suits involving sudden unintended acceleration. And now there's this sudden interest in concluding the federal criminal investigation involving not only reporting procedures, but also such niceties as lying to Congress, mail fraud, wire fraud, and whether stockholders were misled. Of course, mainstream media reports regarding another billion dollar settlement carefully omit any mention of Michael Barr findings, and Reuters banned me from commenting - on any of their articles - long ago.

It looks like Toyota will again be permitted to settle up without any troublesome guilty pleas or admitting to any wrongdoing. Might as well go all the way if yer gonna let someone buy their way out of a criminal investigation. And the issue of ongoing instances of sudden unintended acceleration - have software revisions, safeguards, etc. been put in place? - is being buried along with Michael Barr's findings. Amidst a barrage of misleading media reports, I applaud Mr. Barr for setting the record straight - especially insofar as the much ballyhooed "NASA investigation" is concerned - by publishing an update regarding Toyota's sudden unintended acceleration issue. As he points out, reports of sudden unintended acceleration in Toyotas are continuing.

Really, folks. If Toyota behaves in such a manner regarding undisputed safety issues, how have they been behaving about such things as oil-sludged engines and those pesky pre-cat problems - costing customers the better part of $10,000 - in MR2 Spyders? There's been a news blackout for years regarding thousands of signatures petitioning Akio to make amends for unresolved oil sludge issues.

Why should anyone be allowed to buy their way out of a criminal investigation? Mainstream media efforts to mislead the public about Toyota are poppin' up everywhere, with glaring omissions about the evidence Michael Barr found that led to the billion dollar Toyota economic loss settlement in December of 2012 - the largest such settlement in automotive history - and the guilty verdict last October in the sudden unintended acceleration case in Oklahoma. Revelations regarding the findings of an internationally acclaimed software expert (along with any mention of that pesky evidence of 150 feet of skid marks from the Oklahoma plaintiff's tires) are left to casual bloggers, trade journals, and a few comments on the Internet.

A prime example of the kinda sheer hogwash bein' bandied about by mainstream media is this putrid peice of "journalism" by Forbes staffer Daniel Fisher. What's "begged" is the question, "Do we really want to tolerate a corporate-controlled media instead of a free press?" Fisher n Forbes - "a jury's whim" indeed - don't dare discuss Michael Barr's findings. Not even a mention of his name. In the comments - at least they let me join in - I was "called out" by Mr. Fisher for referring to Mr. Barr's findings and the ongoing news blackout. Certainly better than the reaction I got from USA Today and Bloomberg. Bloomberg n USA Today simply removed my comment. Whenever I put the cursor in the comment box on USA Today's website, the word "false" would briefly appear. I encountered similar things years ago on Twitter when I started sending out tweets critical of Toyota.

Don't view this YouTube video on a full stomach if you're aware of Michael Barr's recent findings. Fox News' "interview" is repulsively theatrical, aimed at making the public think there's no evidence of bugs in Toyota's software causing sudden unintended acceleration.

Take a close look at what Michael Barr has to say about his findings, and check out his credentials. Is anyone surprised that Toyota is runnin' scared?