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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hardware and/or software problem exposed in Camry Hybrid brakes

Maybe Michael Barr - the computer expert whose testimony prompted a guilty verdict in the sudden unintended acceleration case in Oklahoma - should be asked to examine the computer issues associated with brake failures in '07 and '08 Camry gas-electric hybrids. Complaints to NHTSA are increasing.

Pesky little problem. Seems those "trouble codes" don't necessarily show up. Kinda reminds ya of instances of sudden unintended acceleration. Brings to mind motorists in runaway cars insisting that they had both feet on the brake pedal.

In one of the complaints to NHTSA, after a dealer finally said there was a problem with the brake control computer, the owner wrote that “Toyota is behaving immoral not recalling the faulty parts that in many cases cannot even be diagnosed.” Hmm... "Difficulties" diagnosing a problem, blabber about "computer codes," and accusations that Toyota is somewhat less than a paragon of morality. Sound familiar? Next thing ya know, Toyota will be blamin' the problem on floor mats, and customers getting the brake pedal confused with the accelerator.

Not to worry. Toyota says they're "cooperating with NHTSA." Problem is, there's growing evidence of a bit too much "cooperation" twixt NHTSA and the Recall King. Sudden unintended acceleration cases ad nauseum, yet it's taken many years and lawsuits galore for the facts to come out. Not to mention deaths, injuries, and one Toyota driver - Koua Fong Lee - who wound up spending years in prison before charges were finally dropped. I'd like to see singer-songwriter Kris Kitko, who produced the superb music video, "Toyota, Where are Ya?" produce a follow-up asking where NHTSA has been all these years.

Things are heatin' up - literally - for the Recall King. NHTSA is considering yet another possible recall, this one associated with the fabric used for heated seats in Camrys and other models. Whew. Will Toyota's parade of defects ever end?

Oh, well. At least everyone can rest assured that NHTSA, our illustrious little government watchdog, will continue to represent the interests of those it serves.

Update 2/1/2014 - Mainstream media is keeping quiet about the evidence of computer problems. AP and Washington Post are the only ones I know of that have mentioned it. Bombshell considering the case in Oklahoma. Should be makin' headlines. As is the case with engine failures in MR2 Spyders, Toyota rakes in big bucks for "servicing" defective products, and has been fined for delays in reporting such items. Consumers have good reason to question how long the Recall King has been aware of the Camry brake issue.