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Thursday, February 13, 2014

What you aren't supposed to know about Toyota's software (and hardware) causing sudden unintended acceleration

"Although the investigation focused almost entirely on software, there is at least one HW factor: Toyota claimed the 2005 Camry's main CPU had error detecting and correcting (EDAC) RAM. It didn't. EDAC, or at least parity RAM, is relatively easy and low-cost insurance for safety-critical systems." Michael Dunn, "Toyota's killer firmware: Bad design and its consequences"

Amidst computer-related problems galore prompting this week's recalls (Prius along with a number of other models), there's a few articles from Michael Barr's peers providing a detailed look at why the Oklahoma jury was justified in returning a verdict of guilty in what's now being referred to as a "landmark" case of sudden unintended acceleration, and why the jury underscored their conclusion by stating that Toyota acted with "reckless disregard" in its response to its electronic throttle control. Michael Barr's findings were corroborated by 150 feet of skid marks from Bookout's tires.

One of the best peer-group articles I found is "Toyota's killer firmware: Bad design and its consequences," by Michael Dunn. I'll call it article A. Further revelations can be expected at the upcoming EE Times conference which will feature presentations - including the keynote address - from Michael Barr himself.

It's downright alarming to compare article A (from EDN Network) with the presstitute media's misleading blabber, epitomized by Paul Barrett's hack job via no less of a media mogul than Bloomberg. I'll call that piece article B. Both articles came out shortly after the Oklahoma trial ended.

The Barrett/Bloomberg blabber is precisely that. No mention of the name Michael Barr. A feigned ignorance of those 150 feet of skid marks from Bookout's tires. Gibberish designed to brainwash rather than inform. "Should judges be allowing plaintiffs' lawyers to continue pressing the issue in court?" opines the mogul-backed Barrett. Pure, unadulterated garbage.

Problem is, it's not just Barrett and Bloomberg protecting the Recall King at the public's expense. It's the entire mainstream media gang. The kinda stuff that prompted former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts to remark that "Anyone who wastes their time on the US media is a brainwashed idiot, a danger to humanity." (see "America Totally Discredited") For some strange reason, Bloomberg, Reuters, USA Today, and Minnesota's Star Tribune block my comments.

Compare the two articles. Get a proper perspective on Toyota's current rush to settle hundreds of remaining cases outside of court. Discern Toyota's underlying motive in buying their way out of the current federal criminal investigation as to how they handled complaints of sudden unintended acceleration. Get a firsthand look at how the U.S. media accomplishes mass indoctrination.

Blaming sudden unintended acceleration on driver error, floor mats, etc. is a well-orchestrated scam that's been goin' on for decades. Published after the landmark trial in Oklahoma, Tom Murray brings us up to date - including the government's longstanding efforts to protect the auto industry - in his 11/27/2013 book, "Deadly by Design." For another informative read, check out "The Myth of Driver Error."

The "land of the free" has become a corporate-controlled nightmare.