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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Volt upstages Prius. Toyota features Akio.

GM's Volt musta shocked Akio Toyoda when it won the North American Car of the Year award at this year's prestigious International Auto Show.  It happened while Akio was makin' his first ever appearance at the Detroit show, wringing his hands about recalls, and carrying on about the Prius, Tesla's production techniques, Toyota's outdated styling, a sudden determination to cater to customers, and - believe it or not - Toyota's commitment to safety.  The Recall King would have been better off if the "Prince" had stayed home.  And kept quiet.

Toyota was apparently hoping to steal the show by unveiling a "family" of new Prius models.  But these aren't the good ol' days.  Too many recalls.  Too many fines.  Too many disclosures, charges, investigations, lawsuits, and settlements.  Too many angry customers, Prince.  And correcting the situation will take a lot more than silly advertisements focusing on how to make the word "Prius" plural.  Nonetheless, insofar as the little glitch-mobile is concerned, your new Prius collection is about as exciting as the ad campaign. 

Please, Akio.  Pretty please.  Don't tell us any more about the recalls, the Prius, a lack of production and styling expertise, attitudes toward customers, or Toyota's commitment to safety.  Really, Prince.  Over the past year, we've heard quite enough about all that.  Instead, tell us why thousands of customers have signed an online petition complaining of continuing problems with oil sludge.  Tell us about all those engine failures in MR2 Spyders and why you've stonewalled complaints from owners, as well as two major car clubs.  Please, Prince.  Give us reason to believe that your company has changed.  For the better.