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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Toyota Prius best coined "GLITCH-mobile"

It was a cute little marketing ploy - presented not long before the North American International Auto Show - for GM's CEO to refer to Toyota's Prius as a "geek-mobile," touting it as no match for GM's new Volt.  Gee.  I certainly hope GM's new product is better than the Prius.  Fact is, it wouldn't have to be all that great.  A better nickname for Toyota's little wonder car would be "glitch-mobile," underscored by Toyota's latest Prius recall:  650,000 units to repair poorly designed water pumps, even though the Recall King says this wasn't actually a recall, blabbering something about customer satisfaction.  Regarding "customer satisfaction," its interesting that the models with the botched water pumps are '04 thru '07.  Given currently-charged-with-racketeering Toyota's reputation for being a bit slow to acknowledge defects, I can't help but wonder how long Toyota has known about these problems. 

Lookin' over my blog posts concerning the Prius, its no wonder the things are not sellin' as well lately.  Glitches galore.  Acceleration problems, braking problems, headlight problems, and the list continues right up to the defective water pumps.  Seems Toyota's discounts aren't workin' too well either...

Its a shame the media spotlight somehow keeps missin' all those engine failures in MR2 Spyders.  Two major car clubs have been screamin' about the situation for years, along with consumers posting complaints all over the Internet.  Wonder what other problems Toyota has been having - such as continuing problems with oil sludge - that the media has chosen to ignore?