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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Car and Driver slams Toyota for 2011

Talk about a coincidence:  Toyota's 2011 Sienna recall was announced shortly after Car and Driver magazine let it be known that no Toyota would be included in its top 10 picks for 2011.  Great timing, Toyota.       

Based on my experience, most any automaker would be preferable to the Recall King,  and I'm especially pleased to see a few rear wheel drive vehicles makin' the grade for CD's top ten.  Notably enough, that's an area where Toyota has no offerings whatsoever.  Their last rear wheeler was the MR2 Spyder, plagued by a rash of engine failures in 2000 thru 2002 models.  If they offer another sports car, I sure wouldn't wanna risk buyin' one.   

The Recall King is suffering from exposure, and its glaring absence from CD's top picks for 2011 speaks volumnes.  The word - no pun intended - is out, Toyota.