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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Toyota U.S.A. ad shields Prius from criticism

For a master of deceit, Toyota's hard to beat. All those rosie YouTube viewer comments on Toyota U.S.A.'s Prius video ads are apparently a bit misleading. Charlene Blake, well known consumer advocate and longtime thorn in Toyota's side, dared to post evidence of a few Prius problems, such as bad brakes and unintended acceleration. Toyota U.S.A. demonstrated its devotion to free speech by removing the post and blocking Charlene from making any more comments.

I'll bet Toyota wishes they could also remove posts - and block everyone's access - to Charlene's online petition regarding oil sludge. So far, almost three thousand of Toyota's customers have embarrassed ol' Mr. T by listing their names and making comments.

Poor lil ol' Toyota. They're afraid of Charlene Blake...