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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Regrettably, no more comments. Here's why.

To begin with, I don't like anonymity. It smacks of deceit, fear, and cowardice. It appeals to the kind of people who would sneak around and vandalize someone's car. The kinda folks who lie, make death threats, and gang up on someone. People who would do the bidding of a corrupt corporation. Years back, when I began blogging and posting comments on the Internet, I decided on a simple policy. If I can't give my name, then I can't make the comment.

Nor am I willing to host inane ramblings, or comments laced with obscenities. When I create posts for my blogs, I make a concerted effort to address issues and offer references. I avoid the use of even the mildest slang.

This blog addresses a culture of disrespect that has been evolving for many years regarding business attitudes toward customers. Almost without exception, the comments to my posts were reflective of the intolerable atmosphere I've encountered in my dealings with Toyota. I don't have time to moderate comments. There are countless websites where individuals can indulge their preference for inane, anonymous commentary, laced with obscenities. My blog isn't on the list.