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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Couple returns 2010 Camry - ads flunk the test

Talk about a hoot.  Here's another story I'll bet Toyota would love to censor, especially in view of their new ad campaign claiming "Your Toyota is my Toyota."  Tell that to a couple in Canada who returned their 2010 Camry after three (!) bouts of sudden unintended acceleration and their Toyota dealer's unsuccessful attempt to correct the problem.  Towing service was downright confrontational, and Toyota's credit department let these recalcitrant customers know that the car would be considered "abandoned."  Hey - that'll teach 'em to balk at drivin' a car that suddenly surges forward on its own.  The ad campaign is designed to reclaim lost trust, but maybe Toyota figures folks in Canada don't count 'cause the ads are directed at Europe...

This late-breaking example of the "Toyota Way," hailed ad nauseum by their CEO as a newfound respect for customers, has prompted these customers to plaster their new Camry with lemon stickers, call in the media, and ask Transport Canada to investigate.  Updates are promised.  Stay tuned.

Returned 2010 Camry, including video:  http://chathamdailynews.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2611751
Toyota's new ad campaign:  http://wot.motortrend.com/6644456/marketing/toyota-europe-launches-265-million-ad-campaign-to-win-back-trust/index.html

Earlier today, one of my Toyota tweets was again censored the "Twitter Way," which has come to include dirty tricks.  See update for previous post.