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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congrats, Tony. Right on for picketing Toyota.

Like yours truly, Tony Scanaliato got so fed up with Toyota he decided to picket in front of his local dealership.  Too bad there aren't more customers using this technique to expose Toyota's wrongdoing.  Its certainly one way to circumvent censorship.  What Toyota needs, bless their little charged-with-racketeering hearts, is customers all across the country picketing in front of their dealerships.  Wouldn't it be great if everyone who signed the oil sludge petition marched with signs letting potential customers know what they're gettin' into if they deal with Toyota?  One thing's for sure.  Absent a high profile tragedy,  Ol' Uncle Scam's mainstream media certainly isn't gonna help.  The idea is to wrist-slap Toyota with a fine or two, hoping that'll make NHTSA look good, and keep quiet about everyday ripoffs such as oil sludge, strange engine noises, and stonewalled defects causing engines to disintegrate in MR2 Spyders.

Hooray for Tony Scanaliato exposin' the "Toyota Way."  Such a pity consumers have to exercise extreme tactics to obtain some semblance of fairness.