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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Censored by Twitter: Toyota's April sales plummet 16.7 percent in Canada

5/12/2010 - instead of separate posts, I am currently adding updates at the bottom of this post re various censorship problems with Twitter.

Toyota's slick marketing and deep discounts wore off quickly in Canada, confirmed by a 16.7 percent plunge in April sales while other automakers posted gains.  For some reason, this wasn't very well publicized on this side of the border, including the popular social media site Twitter.  When I submitted a tweet with the link below, it appeared on my home page and my profile page, but was repeatedly blocked from Search.  Recently, I've been encountering censorship not only from Twitter, but also from Yahoo.

Apparently, the reason Toyota's decline didn't "catch up with them earlier" has to do with pre-booked sales instead of the deep discounts Toyota has been offering in an attempt to lure customers into showrooms.  Perhaps this kind of information is what Toyota, Twitter, and Yahoo would prefer to keep quiet.

UPDATE 05/07/2010 - Twitter has censored tweets about this article from appearing in Search.  Twitter's censorship re this particular tweet started yesterday.  A subsequent tweet, "Reaching out the Toyota Way http://toyotasludge.com/victims " did appear in Search, and that may have been the ol' proverbial straw that broke Toyota's back, prompting Twitter to block all of my tweets from appearing in Search.  The link connects to a testimonial that exposes the truth about Toyota's current attitude toward customers, and is posted - along with the customer's name - on a blog established by yet another recently victimized Toyota customer.  Hey, Twitter:  this is NOT the United States of Toyota. 

UPDATE 5/8/2010 - About 8:30 pm yesterday, I noticed that my tweets were once again appearing in Search.  I'll be posting further updates re any significant developments.  

UPDATE 5/10/2010 - about noon, I repeatedly submitted the above tweet, "Toyota's April sales plummet 16.7 percent in Canada. http://tinyurl.com/25ukt2o " but it was still censored from Search.  I then tweeted info intended for my followers, "5/10/2010 about 12:15 pm Twitter still censoring 'Toyota's April sales plummet 16.7 percent in Canada. http://tinyurl.com/25ukt2o '" and that tweet was published in Search.  Bitter, Twitter?

UPDATE 5/12/2010 - about 9:25 pm I submitted a tweet referencing an article about Toyota's finances.  After monitoring Real-time rusults for about ten minutes, the tweet did not appear, but about an hour later, it showed up via regular Search.  At that time, I noticed Twitter's longstanding problem with apostrophies appearing as ' had finally been resolved.  This caused my tweet - which had been programmed to read correctly assuming Twitter's glitch - to appear jumbled.   I deleted the tweet, resubmitted it, and it appeared in Search via Real-time results within a minute or less.  About 2:00 am I submitted a tweet re Toyota's "buzz" rating being categorized as "corporate cad."  I immediately monitored Real-time results for about ten minutes but the tweet never appeared.  Then I searched again, and it appeared on a stationary list of tweets labelled Real-time results.  My retweets this evening were also omitted from active Real-time results, and one of them never appeared on my Home page.