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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toyota dealer praises filthy video

Update:  after public criticism, this Toyota dealer musta had second thoughts about his choice of advertising.  The video no longer appears on his website. 

Might oughta restrict the kids from checkin' out Toyota dealers' websites.  Jon Lancaster Toyota in Madison, Wisconsin has a sales manager - Nathan Riesen - who lists as a "Favorite" the video of a face-masked-dressed-in-black character ranting, raving, and using not only four letter filth, but also profanity in a tirade against Prius drivers who don't shift into neutral when Toyota's little wonder car suddenly decides to take off.  Not that most of us haven't used equally bad language in the heat of a moment.  Its just that this video was carefully selected, labeled, and conspicuously marked with a red heart.  Musta been love at first sight. 

Actually, I wasn't all that surprised.  Its certainly consistent with what I've experienced, and incidentally, Mr. Riesen is a "Certified Master Sales Consultant" and a "Sales Society Master."  Nothin' like masterin' yer craft...