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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't twitter, Toyota. Just tweet people right.

Toyota just doesn't get it.  To reach out to customers, they've hired a marketing firm to help 'em make tweets on Twitter. 

Here's the deal, Toyota.  Its not about marketing.  Its about standin' behind your product.  Tellin' the truth.   Reimbursin' customers for defects, and never takin' 'em to be fools.  What kinda tweets are ya gonna make about those 3,000+ customers who have signed a petition to protest your stonewallin' ways?  What about all those 1zz engine failures?  Real ripoffs for folks who bought MR2 Spyders and Celicas.  Apparently, you weaseled out of includin' these models in your oil sludge recall.  And then there's the never ending barrage of recent disclosures.  Traffic fatalities involving runaway vehicles, deals with safety regulators, and the list goes on ad nauseum.  Tweets on Twitter?  By the time the grand jury gets through, you might be singin' like bird...