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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jury finds Toyota guilty of breach of contract

After my experience with Toyota's "agreements," (see my 6/17/09 post, "More bullying from Toyota"), I certainly wasn't surprised to learn that Toyota has been successfully sued - the jury's decision was unanimous - for violating contractual obligations. What is it with Toyota? Do folks - in this case a small business - have to initiate lawsuits to get Toyota to do the right thing? No wonder Toyota - facing its deepest domestic sales decline in 30 years - is now shutting down one of its assembly lines. 

The plaintiff's attorney emphasized that Toyota "isn't above the law," and says the jury "taught Toyota a lesson." Let's hope so on both counts, but it seems the only thing that's going to teach Toyota a lesson is a continuing plunge in sales. Find out the rest of the story when it comes to Toyota's attitude regarding a contract. Published links for several news articles were inoperative. Do a Google search: jury teaches Toyota a lesson