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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deadly RAV4 crash, driver blames vehicle, no charges filed

I'll say it again: There are literally too many crashes suggestive of electronically-induced unintended acceleration to keep track of and write about. Yesterday in Great Neck, New York, a 2006 RAV4 took off from a parking lot, crashed into an AT&T office, and killed a woman inside the building. Newsday hastily closed the comments on its article, and a television station in New York is now reporting that the driver says she couldn't stop the vehicle. RAV4s are figuring prominently in runaway vehicle crashes.

Amidst an epidemic of runaway vehicles, it seems police are becoming less likely to charge drivers. I sensed a trend in that direction some time ago, but only for crashes involving no injuries or fatalities. It's extremely significant that no charges are being filed in a runaway crash resulting in a fatality. Judging from the comments on Newsday's article, the public may be starting to realize how ridiculous it is for auto manufacturers to blame drivers when vehicles suddenly speed out of control. One comment made specific reference to the high number of vehicles crashing into buildings; another warned against allowing Toyota to have the say-so regarding what the Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) reveals.

Maybe Toyota's big losses in landmark lawsuits involving unintended acceleration is finally beginning to register with a brainwashed American public. Details are spreading despite the best efforts of presstitute mainstream media to keep incriminating evidence quiet. Toyota has now been found guilty of mechanical as well as electronic defects leading to unintended acceleration, the National Carwash Association is keeping records - Jeeps are notorious - of vehicles prone to suddenly take off, and Honda has admitted to electronic defects associated with unintended acceleration. No brand is immune, yet auto-industry-lapdog NHTSA refuses to address the issue. 

How many more lives will be needlessly lost due to a corporate-controlled government and a cowardly American public that tolerates being kicked around by the 1% and its paid-off legislators?

Updates 3/31/15 - CBS New York has aired the story of this latest RAV4 crash, and comments are being "moderated" with a heavy bias favoring anonymous, name-calling trolls. PEOPLE LIKE ME, WHO GIVE THEIR REAL NAMES AND CONVEY USEFUL INFORMATION, ARE BEING HARASSED, AND THEIR COMMENTS ARE BEING REMOVED.

Updates 4/2/2015 - 
> As if to underscore the frequency of crashes pointing to electronically-induced unintended acceleration - especially in Toyotas - today's headlines featured a Camry crashing into an AutoZone as the vehicle left a - yes, you guessed it - carwash. ONCE AGAIN, COMMENTS -INCLUDING MINE - EXPOSING FACTS ABOUT ELECTRONIC ISSUES ARE BEING BLOCKED. UNWARRANTED CENSORSHIP IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE "LAND OF THE FREE."

> Another Toyota recall due to electronic/software issues. RAV4 and Camry are on the list.

> Yet ANOTHER Toyota - this time a Lexus - making headlines over the past few days for speeding out of control. As with most runaway crashes, the Lexus took off from a parking lot. This case - as I've said, there are too many to keep up with - confirms that drivers are still being unjustly charged.