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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unraveling the Toyota way

Can you recall a subpoena?  Leave it to Toyota to issue one and then not follow through.  Apparently, the Koua Fong Lee case (see my 8/14/10 post) has gone well beyond a mere embarassment.  Toyota suddenly seems to be bumping into themselves by targeting Lee in an effort to take possession of his '96 Camry.  Problem is, of course, not everyone trusts Toyota, and even if they did, Lee doesn't have possession of the car.  Lee's attorney put it rather bluntly, saying "we just don't want Toyota looking at the car by themselves or having (sole) possession of it."

Federal grand jury proceedings, racketeering charges, a heretofore unexplained delay in reporting defective steering rods...  I understand, Toyota.  Its enough to make anyone a little edgy.

Update 8/26/10 - Internet complaint posts (tweets to followers, blog posts, etc.) re censorship are effective.  Facebook DID publish my wall reference to this blog post in Posts by Everyone.  First time ever for one of my Facebook entries re this blog.  Twitter, however - as of about 11:30 AM - is once again censoring my Toyota tweets from appearing in real-time.  Toyota can't stand the truth.

Update 8/27/10 - as of about 10:30 AM Twitter is continuing to censor references to this blog post from real-time. I also got a message from one of my followers that Twitter is preventing them from retweeting my tweets. Facebook - as of yesterday - is  finally starting to publish in real-time (Posts by Everyone) the entries I make on my home page. Gee. Maybe someone at Twitter is angry at Facebook.

Update 8/28/10 - about 4:00 PM Twitter finally backed off their censorship and published in real-time my tweet with a link to this blog post.