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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Censorship: Facebook joins Twitter and Yahoo

Facebook has apparently caught the censorship virus also.  Today on FB, I posted a reference to yesterday's blog post exposing the lousy service at Toyota dealerships.  And wouldn't ya know it?  Searched "Toyota," and the info didn't appear in FB's equivalent of Twitter's real-time results.  Dirty trick Twitter style, the info did appear on my FB Home page, Profile page, and Posts by Friends.  Facebook blocked the info from Posts by Everyone.

If it isn't government supported efforts to censor media coverage of the BP oil catastrophe, its an assault on Internet neutrality by the likes of Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook, while bloggers in China (make that RED China) accuse Toyota of paying private companies to delete unfavorable posts.  Let's be vigilant, expose censorship whenever it occurs, and speak out loudly in favor of Internet neutrality.